Climate change and road safety are the two main concerns in urban mobility. Technology and smart solutions will play a central role to help cities and countries to address these major problems.


The ITS European Congress is the event of excellency for stakeholders, users and policy makers, developers and investors, it is the opportunity to reunite the best practices with the most hi-end solutions.

In the last 10 years, Lisbon has led a comprehensive set of policies regarding climate change mitigation and adaptation action that position us as a leading capital city in this debate. The city has set ambitious targets and is involved in the establishment of agreements for the next steps of climate policy, following the UN sustainable development goals and the Paris Agreement.

Regarding road safety, the City of Lisbon has also an ambitious plan to reach zero deaths, severe injuries in road accidents by 2030. Although cars are safer and roads are better, road fatalities are still growing every year, and that is a challenge for all the companies of mobility ecosystem.

Urban mobility has a critical role in the pursuit of carbon neutrality by 2050, and a revolution is needed in the transport sector to achieve such an ambitious goal. The vision to achieve this is clear: creating a people centric mobility ecosystem, one that is accessible, efficient, reliable and safe, based on an integrated public transport network, complemented by innovative solutions, that allow for informed and sustainable choices, and which positions Lisbon as the reference European capital in the mobility field by 2030.

In 2020, Lisbon will be European Green Capital which is also an opportunity to celebrate mobility, smart mobility.

You are all invited to be part of the change.


Miguel Gaspar
Deputy Mayor for Mobility & Saftey, City of Lisbon

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