Today Intelligent Transport Systems and Services are designed to improve those topics contributing to a better life of citizens, at present, with safer roads and increased mobility, and, on the long run, improving climate change with reduced GHG emissions and fuel consumption. Portugal, and Lisbon in particular, are deeply committed to those objectives and during the last years have been doing important investments to achieve them.


The 14th ITS European Congress in Lisbon in 2020, will show what ITS has been achieved so far and, at same time, open the space to the latest technological developments. We will look at air, maritime and rail transport and will try to contribute to people and goods transport including the role of logistics and its development.

The increased role of digitalization and the impact of 5G in the future transport will be one of the key points on debate by the experts and we hope a reinforced way on the communications supporting transport will start to emerge. Also, the role of autonomous vehicles and all the implications coming up from their introduction on the roads will be further discussed to achieve higher safety levels on the roads and on public transport, besides the improvements in the environment.

Innovation will play a great role at this Congress where startups devoted to ITS will be most welcomed and we expect a significant participation from university students and young entrepreneurs giving a contribution with new ideas and solutions for the next years.

So, very interesting times are ahead of us till the 14th ITS European Congress and I expect that all our colleagues and friends will find most useful their participation and visit in Lisbon that, Iā€™m sure, will welcome you warmly.

I look forward to meeting you next year from 18th to 20th May in Lisbon.


Rui Camolino
President ITS Portugal

ERTICO - ITS Europe is a public-private membership driven organisation promoting, developing and deploying Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) in Europe to save lives, protect the environment and sustain mobility in the most cost-effective way.