It will be a great pleasure for us to welcome you next year, for the European Congress on ITS 2020 to be held in Lisboa for the first time.


This Congress is being prepared with representatives of the industry and cities, with transport operators and research laboratories, with experts of space, communication and information society, with academics and managers of large, medium and small companies.

All of them have already been working for months in liaison with ITS Portugal and ERTICO – ITS Europe to prepare a very attractive programme allowing you to meet the most reliable experts and to help you to build intelligent and sustainable mobility policies able to provide efficient services to your citizens and/or your customers and to contribute actively to a better environment.

This Congress will also be an exceptional occasion to participate in technical visits and demonstrations of the most promising ITS applications and to exchange best practices with foreign colleagues. The large deployment of the ITS systems, which is necessary for the efficiency and sustainability of all the modes of transport, needs to be made in a consistent way in each country. To achieve this objective, we expect that all the participants can share and discuss the latest technical innovations and enlarge their personal network of people they trust and know. All the ideas, proposals and experiences are very welcome in this event, whose success will also be your success.

Many cities, and especially those hosting this Congress, have launched mobility plans and services involving a significant number of stakeholders with a renewed and increased interest in citizens.

This Congress will be the perfect place to talk to them about their day-to-day life and their mobility problems and solutions. On behalf of the National
Organising Committee and all the people preparing this major event, we can assure you, we will do our utmost to ensure you a comfortable and friendly
stay in Portugal with numerous occasions to enjoy heritage,culture and wonderful urban and natural landscapes.

See you in Lisbon next year!


Jorge Delgado
Secretary of State for Infrastructure, Portugal

ERTICO - ITS Europe is a public-private membership driven organisation promoting, developing and deploying Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) in Europe to save lives, protect the environment and sustain mobility in the most cost-effective way.