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Showcase innovative smart mobility technology to the right audience at 2025 ITS European Congress in Seville, uniting pioneers and influential figures from the European ITS community.

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ITS Technology & Service Providers

ITS Technologies & Solutions Paving the Way for Tomorrow’s Transport

Pave the way for tomorrow’s mobility by joining us at the 2025 ITS European Congress! Amplify your footprint, tap into the thriving European market and cultivate invaluable strategic alliances to advance your business goals. Join us to propel your business forward – embrace the future with us!

Explore Vital Topics:  

– Enabling CCAM Innovation: Resilient and Sustainable Solutions to Transform Mobility 

– ITS and AI: Digital Products for Safety and Efficiency in the Transport Revolution

– UAM Infrastructure: Connectivity, Safety, and Beyond Urban Boundaries

– Orchestrating Traffic: The Role of ITS in Coopetition and Partnership

Traffic industry & Transport providers

Traffic & Transport Innovations propelling the future of mobility forward! 

Unlock Next-Gen Mobility Solutions at 2025 ITS European Congress in Seville – your platform for innovation, collaboration, and driving positive change in the traffic and transport industry. Seville provides the perfect stage for your next-gen mobility solutions, connecting you with industry leaders, policymakers, and European experts .

Explore Vital Topics:  

– Optimising Traveler Flow: Competition and Orchestrating Traffic

– Future of Traffic Management: Public-Private Partnerships and Urban Mobility

– Urban Air Mobility Revolution: Cities, Drones, and the Future of Transport

– MaaS Evolution: Open Markets, Single Tickets, and Sustainable Cities

Public Authorities & Policy Makers

ITS for all: Policy and Innovation keeping pace

The 2025 ITS European Congress in Seville is the ultimate gathering for regulatory & policy entities, uniting European ITS stakeholders. Tailored for those seeking to align regulations with rapid tech advancements, this Congress enables direct engagement with technology providers, experts, and international peers. Whether you are a national transport authority or a standardisation body, gain unique insights and partnerships to shape future ITS standards and policies.  


Explore Vital Topics:

– Airspace Governance: Public Authorities Leading the UAM Revolution

– MaaS Ecosystems: Public Authorities’ Role in Open Markets and Seamless Services.

– Urban Mobility Governance: Public Policymakers and the Evolution of MaaS

– AI and Data Regulations: Shaping Policy for Future Transport Services

Integrated Travel, Booking & Payment Services

Game-Changing Disruption of the Travel Landscape

The 2024 ITS World Congress in Dubai is your gateway to a thriving ecosystem where travel, booking, and payment services intersect seamlessly with cutting-edge ITS solutions. Designed for visionaries in the travel industry or payment services, this event is your chance to showcase your offerings to a global audience of industry leaders and ITS innovators, understand intricate technological developments, and align your financial strategies with the sector’s trajectory. Amidst the thriving investment climate of the Middle East, seize unparalleled insights, forge strategic alliances, and position your services at the heart of the future of transportation.

Explore Vital Topics:

– Transforming Mobility: Integrating Travel, Booking, and Payments for Seamless Journeys

– Efficiency in Mobility: Integrating MaaS with Travel Booking and Payments

– Securing the Future: Payments and Data Privacy in AI-Enhanced Mobility

– Infrastructure Integration: The Power of Data in Travel Booking and Payments

Diverse Mobility Services providers

Mobility Pioneers Unlock the Middle Eastern Market at the ITS World Congress 2024, Dubai!

Join the heart of the future mobility revolution, led by the pioneers of seamless and sustainable mobility at RTA (Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authorities). Showcase your innovations to key players worldwide, establishing industry prominence on the international stage. Additionally, demonstrate your expertise in emission-free transport and participate in Dubai’s pioneering efforts in comprehensive emission-free public transport.

Explore Vital Topics:

– Diverse CCAM Services: Transforming the Transportation Ecosystem

– E-Mobility Solutions: Energizing Clean Transportation

– Diverse Mobility Services in MaaS: Creating Open Ecosystems

– Data Economy Power: Diverse Mobility Providers Leveraging AI

Logistics Value Chain

The Holistic approach to transportation

Uncover the Future of Logistics Technology and Data Solutions at ITS World Congress 2024 in Dubai! Connect with peers, Innovative ITS Solutions providers , pioneers in drone technology, ports, logistics SMEs, and leading experts from P&O Maritime Logistics. 

Explore Vital Topics:

– The true role of AI in Supply Chain & Logistics

– Benefits of Data Sharing, Access to Data Across the Value Chain, Generative and Non-Generative AI, How to Tackle Safety, Security and Privacy

– Convergence of Physical and Digital Infrastructure

Vehicle manufacturers and suppliers

Unveil Mobility’s Future at ITS World Congress 2024 in Dubai!

Showcase your innovative vehicle technology including autonomous and electric vehicles and discover how the UAE is becoming a global leader in self-driving and electric vehicles, as well as emission-free public transport. Secure global exposure, extend your market presence into the burgeoning Middle Eastern market for intelligent transportation systems. Join us and set the groundwork for the global implementation of your technology in the connected and automated vehicles sector.

Explore Vital Topics:

– What is the status of connected and automated vehicles at present? What is the progress made? What are the blocking features?

– CCAM Progress: Navigating Towards Widespread Connectivity and Automation

– Diverse Mobility Services in MaaS: Creating Open Ecosystems

– UAM Safety Standards: Regulations, Technology, and Multimodal Uses

Connectivity provider and mobile network operators

Where Visionaries Forge the Path of Global Transport

Join us at ITS World Congress 2024 in Dubai, where we bring together connectivity provider and mobile network operators that are leading the charge in transportation infrastructure development.  Present cutting-edge connectivity solutions, engage with mobility stakeholders, and identify opportunities in emerging transport infrastructures.

Explore Vital Topics:

– Airborne Data Connectivity: Ensuring UAM Success with Network Operators

– Charging Up Mobility: How Network Operators Support Clean Transportation

– 5G and Beyond: How Connectivity Providers Power the Future of Connected Mobility

Research, Academia & Associations

Research That Fuels Tomorrow’s Mobility

The ITS World Congress 2024, Dubai, serves as the pivotal confluence for Research, Academia, and Associations offering a global platform where academic rigor meets practical innovation. Through the Congress, dive deep into industry challenges, present pioneering studies, and forge collaborations that bridge research and real-world applications. Nestled in the dynamic ecosystem of the Middle East, this event offers unparalleled opportunities to influence policies, standards, and the very trajectory of ITS advancements.  

Explore Vital Topics:

– CCAM Research & Innovation: Paving the Way for Connected Mobility Solutions

– UAM: Exploring Research Opportunities in the Future of Urban Air Transportation

– Academic Collaborations: Shaping the Future of Mobility as a Service

– Traffic Research for Efficiency: Advancing Smart Mobility and Orchestration

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16 - 20 September 2024


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