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The ITS European Congress, taking place on 22–24 May 2023 in Lisbon, under the overall theme of ‘ITS: The Game Changer’, is inviting submissions for sessions and papers covering five topics on ITS and Smart Mobility.

Cooperative, Connected, and Automated Mobility, Freight and Logistics, and Future Traffic Management are among the five relevant topics. All three demonstrate the profound impact of digitalisation and connectivity on mobility and its users.

Cooperative, Connected and Automated Mobility (CCAM) exploits sensor, connectivity and AI technologies to allow all types of vehicles to exchange information with each other, the road infrastructure and other types of road user. This allows real-time sharing of warning messages and traffic or congestion management across networks. Highly automated vehicles can improve road safety by having faster reaction times than many drivers and by intervening when a dangerous situation is detected. Future systems will control vehicles for extended periods without human backup. This potential to change a driver’s role from active vehicle occupant to passenger is exciting for people who only want to share a vehicle occasionally or with mobility impairments that prevent conventional driving.

How do we maintain control as automation increases? How do we test autopilot? How to ensure cybersecurity?

This topic invites submissions on best practise implementations, changing infrastructure roles, data ownership, privacy and security, new transport system policies, business models, technology, and services.

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Freight & Logistics is entering a new era in which highly automated vehicles, controlled or autonomous drones, and robots are used for significant parts or the whole journey. New freight platforms are being deployed to connect freight and logistics stakeholders across Europe.

With the rapid digitalisation of the supply chain, it the right time for sharing knowledge and exchanging information about ways to deliver leading-edge and sustainable global solutions while battling to reduce costs.

The freight & logistics topic will focus on the transport of goods by different transport modes, across different sectors, throughout Europe and globally. It will look at mobility-related challenges, innovations and ways to make progress for the whole industry.

We welcome submissions from industry sectors, transport modes, carriers, technology businesses, service providers, ports, researchers, and policymakers exploring best practices and mutually beneficial collaborations to optimise efficiency, sustainability, and economic viability.

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Future Traffic Management

Traffic management went from a passive task for highway authorities to a policy intervention. Large-area control has gone from reactive to predictive. The next step is integrating network management with other services so public policy objectives can be effectively pursued while preserving individuals’ mobility options, including Connected, cooperative and automated mobility; public transport timetabling and routing; MaaS platforms; freight deliveries; air quality, noise, and sustainability policies.

Submissions are sought with a focus on transport network integration with particular emphasis on changes needed to mitigate climate change through electrification of all vehicles. How can land, waterborne and air network management be integrated? How do we manage emergencies as networks become more complex? How do we manage autonomous vehicle-dense networks? How can cities evolve to tomorrow’s world?

“Explore Future Traffic Management sub-topics”


The Call for Contribution is open! Take part in the Congress and submit Papers, Special Interest Session (SIS), Strategic Future Session (SFS) and Start-up Presentations proposals before 16/12/22.

ERTICO brings the ITS Community together for cooperative, shared, innovative solutions for the benefit of the entire ITS Community. Join us, submit your papers, and make a difference at the ITS European Congress next year to accelerate smart and sustainable urban mobility.


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