Technical visits

ITS 2020 set of technical visits involves a multimodality perspective and wishes to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and to highlight the potential for inspiration.

Join the tours to experience and get to know state of the art ITS solutions for road, rail and maritime modes in Lisbon, together with day-to-day urban mobility ITS services.

Traffic Management Centre – BRISA

The BRISA Central Traffic Management Centre ensures the centralisation of relief operations, protection, patrolling, assistance and information to users in the extensive highway network concession.
During the technical visit, several innovations and telematics systems will be displayed. The telematic equipment installed in the Brisa network is the result of constant research and adaptation to the needs of the activity. Created in 2014, the central TMC operates with 16 other TMC more operational and local traffic management centres distributed along the country ensuring the traffic safety and efficiency along the entire Brisa network.

This constant flow of information allows to provide a better service to the customer and maintain the conditions of circulation. In addition to the technical equipment, Brisa also has 71 specific and operational vehicles that circulate in the Brisa network. The continuous communication of these vehicles and GPS control allows the central TMC to distribute resources effectively. One of those vehicles is included below as a possible in site demonstration

Duration – Half day, Bus from Lisbon to Carcavelos

Maritime information systems at the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA)

The visit to EMSA will allow participants to get to know the different information systems managed by the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) based in Lisbon, amongst which SafeSeaNet, CleanSeaNet, LRIT, MAR-ICE.

EMSA operates and manages a suite of systems which receive, process, and distribute information on vessel traffic reports (LRIT, SafeSeaNet), satellite monitoring (CleanSeaNet), and Port State Control (Thetis). The services produced by these systems are shared with Member States and the Commission, to supplement and enhance national capacity for vessel traffic monitoring, Port State Control, and maritime pollution preparedness and response.

EMSA has developed a platform to ensure the performance, availability and reliability of all the maritime information systems it hosts. This platform can also integrate and combine different types of data, including data provided by the end user, to produce customised services tailored to user requirements. These services are used by European authorities to obtain a clearer picture of a broad range of activities in the maritime domain, building a common view across EU maritime interests. Enabling governmental and institutional organisations to make use of EMSA’s systems avoids duplication of effort, overlapping infrastructures and unnecessary expenditure

Duration – Half day, Bus in Lisbon (Cais do Sodré)

Digitalisation in the Lisbon maritime port (logistic single window) and Yilport automated terminal

This visit will include a short tour along river Tagus to Lisbon Port Administration, to get contact with the Logistic Single Window (LSW). LSW is a tool for managing information concerning vessels’ calls and cargo handling. It improves the relationship between representatives of all means of transport and cargoes, services renderers and authorities on port along the multimodal chain.

The visit will then proceed to the Alcantara container terminal managed by Yilport to see the automated terminal in operation.

Duration – Half day, Bus in Lisbon area (Alcântara)

Network Operations Centre (NOC) – Infraestruturas de Portugal – Portuguese Infrastructures (IP)

Infraestruturas de Portugal is the public company that merges road and railway infrastructures, which are managed by a single company under a joint, integrated and complementary strategy. Therefore, the technical visit will allow participants to get to know the Network Operations Centre (NOC), which is the Management and Supervision Centre for the networks and systems that make up the IP system. Created in 2002, the NOC is in continuous operation 24h x 7 days, with constant monitoring of networks and systems and detection of anomalous situations, including video surveillance of Critical Technical Areas.

Duration – Half day, Bus in Lisbon (Oriente)

ITS in the city – EMEL – Lisbon’s Parking Operational Control Centre / ePark App / GIRA Shared Bicycle System

EMEL – Municipal Mobility and Parking Company of Lisbon will welcome a technical visit that is a threefold opportunity. This municipal company has as its object the management of the concession of the public parking in the Municipality of Lisbon, integrated into the global system of mobility and accessibility defined by the Municipality of Lisbon.

The visit to the OCC will get visitors in touch with the smart parking management system.
In parallel, EMEL has been taking increasing measures that tend to contribute to real integrated mobility management in Lisbon. EMEL links parks with bicycles or public transport, or car sharing service.

In another area, EMEL participates in the definition of the electric vehicle charging network in Lisbon and represents the city in a European Program dedicated to discussing the model of implementation of electric vehicles in Europe.

EMEL also manages ePark, an application for parking payment, and the shared bicycle system GIRA.

Duration – Half day, Bus in Lisbon



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